Stop the Panda Panic

That’s all we’ve seen since the Google Penguin and Panda updates are SEO firms desperately panicking trying to work out what it is they’ve done wrong and coming to the wrong conclusion that by doing a complete clean sweep of back-links they have, for themselves, or their clients, this is going to provide an absolute cure. It won’t, certainly not to any guaranteed level.

Don’t get us wrong, we know that getting rid of erroneous backlinks will go some way to improving the SEO of a site, Google have made no bones about that, but they haven’t told you to go out and panic delete just about every site or link that points in to the site your concerned about.


We had an SEO firm ask us right at the start of the shakeup to remove a link for a particular site telling us they were their new SEO firm. They never said it was anything to do with Panda but it was obvious that was the case. We took offense at the request for several reasons, the primary one being the particular site they wanted to be removed had received a significant amount of converting hits from us. Another thing that got to us was the sheer fact we had been effectively branded as a possible ‘bad link’ to have? We knew that was nonsense, we follow the rules by the book and are incredibly strict on our content so to be bandied in with the billion and one ten-a-penny directories set up purely as PR sellers infuriated us.


We contacted the company in question, not the SEO one, but the one listed with us. We explained to them what their SEO firm requested and asked them to look at how many visitors we sent them. The IT guy was pretty savvy and within a few clicks of the keyboard came back with the answer that we were the third main provider of traffic for them, second only after Google and Bing. We even beat Yahoo. We asked the company if we should remove them as asked by the panicking SEO and they said categorically no. We listened to them and kept their link live. We’ve monitored their position in the SERPS far more than we’ve ever monitored any site before because we wanted to make absolutely sure that we weren’t going to be part of the whole panda debacle.


Low and behold, the site is actually several pages higher in the SERPs now than it ever was, yet it’s still linking to us. We decided to repeat this experiment with our own SEO firm that runs autonomously from and the results never changed once. We were left with only one conclusion, and that being that panic deleting links from just about every site you think is a spurious backlink simply isn’t the way to go, and that includes worrying about being listed with us at Cantufind. We’ve been around for twelve years and are incredibly selective in who we list. We aren’t going to compromise that for anything, it, therefore, goes without saying that listing with someone with such demanding criteria is never going to get you punished. It would be counter-intuitive for that to happen.


SEO marketing firms should give Google more credit than they do, and also look at directories like our as more than just a directory made for selling links. Do you’re homework and you’ll find we actually provide good value for the client and provide considerable value to a websites internet presence. Stop condemning directories as a single entity and making the wrong assumption that all directories are bad directories.


The moral of the story is to stop this paranoia, stop painting everyone with the same brush. There most certainly are a shed load of directories and other places you need to remove yourselves from but we’re not one of them. We’re quality, and quality companies want to be associated with us. It’s one of the main reasons we’re so low on content. We spend more time on reviewing and re-reviewing than any other directory barring none. We don’t duplicate content or descriptions and never promote anything but the best practices.


Google is forever changing things, so the one piece of advice we’d offer SEO firms is to be very careful of who you sever ties from as a knee-jerk reaction to constant search engine changes, especially with difficult to get in directories like ours. We are going to be here in twenty, thirty, a hundred years from now and sooner or later you’ll be wanting to come back in. Would you blame us for saying no when you failed to support us? Those who supported us twelve years ago have STILL got their listings and many of them are top of the SERPS for their chosen keywords.


Think about it.

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Stop the Panda Panic was originally published on our website – the good reverse lookup virtuosos

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