RIP OFF: Buying Traffic for your website

Do you own a website? Do you think you have less traffic? Do you want a blast of visitors coming to your website? Then go buy traffic from our website! Just $10 for 10,000 Hits!

Constantly we get across some websites like these, which offer you readymade traffic, you just need to give them the cash and they’ll send it your way. A lot of these companies would tell you that –

– This traffic is real
– This traffic would increase your sales
– This traffic would inflate your bank account
– This traffic would make your website very popular
– This traffic rocks, rules and is better than anything!

But… this is no good traffic, it is, more or less a SCAM, and a complete RIP-OFF! Let’s know how.



Where do these guys get traffic from?

I am sure you must have heard of Autosurfing (Paid to surf the Internet) programs, and if not then let me tell you, these guys pay people for installing a program and leaving it on their computer connected to the Internet, what this program does is to go to a server, get a list of websites, and begins opening each of them one by one.

The person who has installed this program leaves his computer on and the program keeps doing its work. When thousands of people install programs such as these, the people who sell traffic get a portfolio of computers and internet connections and then they keep updating the list of websites to be browsed on their server and these computers with the autosurfing programs keep going to those websites and provide the hits.

Does this traffic provide sales?

Absolutely not! This traffic does not provide ANY kind of sales whatsoever, I have personally tried these programs and they don’t even provide more than one-page load per unique visit, let alone a SALE of my product. Since this is just a program that comes to your website, not the actual person.


How to get traffic to my website then?

There are many ways to get real traffic to your website, it’s not impossible, let me share a few tips, provide a lot of information on your website and people will keep coming back and inform others about your website too, try to get people to link to your website etc. You could also try some advertising to spread the word around. But NEVER fall for BUYING traffic for your website, it’s utterly useless.

Some of these traffic selling websites might even offer you COUNTRY specific traffic, but do not fall for it too, it’s just that they have become so big that they could sort their network of autosurfers by country, that’s it, nothing else.

RIP OFF: Buying Traffic for your website was originally published on our website – the good reverse lookup virtuosos

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