The “I’m a Lonely Girl” Bluff

Recently, our emails have been hit by a range of girls/women looking to find real love. The email is somewhat like:

Ave, dear

I feel like I am a little-lost kitten. I don’t have a strong man’s shoulder to lay on. I am writing to you as I
want to find a husband to live all life with him only!
And some more stuff could be found in the email, now inside this email, you get a URL, something like  with a dot com/flirting. Which you are encouraged to visit by the Email, now when you open this URL, you get to a web page.

In this web page you see the photo of a girl (a photo obviously stolen from the Internet) and then you see a biodata of some sort with an outline of interests etc. of that particular girl (supposedly). Then there is a button with a “JOIN NOW” label on it.

This is where you get to know that this is actually a bluff and nothing real. How? Let’s know.

How does this work?

Firstly, these spammers make fake profiles of supposedly LONELY girls looking for a real man to spend their whole lives with. Then these spammers harvest your email addresses from the Internet (Wherever you might have posted your email address on, mostly on a web-accessible location or from a website where you registered with your email address and they sold it to these spammers) Next, they send you an email of this sort, and try to get you to click through to the profile they made.

Whats the catch?

The CATCH here is the JOIN NOW or CONTACT ME button when a normal person sees the profile he is intrigued and decides to contact the girl in the picture and sees the JOIN NOW button as the only means of doing so.

Now, this button is an affiliate link to an online dating website, where you have to pay for membership or you won’t be allowed to sign up, sometimes they also offer you a limited free trial but you got to put in your credit card.

Desperate people sign up on the website through this form and then try to contact the girl they found on the profile they saw first, the same girl who supposedly emailed them, but after you have spent the money, the girl is nowhere to be found and you come to know that you have been bluffed by these people into paying and signing up on a dating website.

The people who originally sent you the email get their commission from you signing up and that’s how they earn all their cash.

Therefore, there is no need to fall for this scam, the girl is fictitious and you should not get baited into buying / registering on these websites. If you get an email like this, just ignore it.

The “I’m a Lonely Girl” Bluff was originally published on our website – the good reverse lookup virtuosos

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