Part-time job, full time trouble…

I found an opportunity listed on an employment site that I thought would be my answer to the part-time job I was searching for. The hiring company was advertising a work from home opportunity that required a very small time commitment, a few hours a day. The position, Correspondence Assistant, would require me to manage the transactions between the company and their partners. Since the company is based overseas they needed a US citizen to process the financial transactions and freight forwarding responsibilities for their business partners in the United States. I expressed interest in the position and began receiving emails from my prospective employer within one day. He began emailing me several times a day explaining my requirements and wanting me to start work right away. The company had a working website that also listed their employment opportunities, this is what led me to believe the company was legitimate. Even though my employer never asked to meet up with me or interview me, I thought everything was okay because of their website.

I was working for a few weeks before I found out that what I was doing was illegal. My employer was having me cash their business partner’s checks and wire the funds back to them, I got to keep $200 for every transaction I processed for them. They would send me 3 to 4 checks each week. I was a little concerned about doing this so I emailed by employer to ask if this was legal. They told me everything was completely legal, that there were US regulations that prevented them from cashing their business partner’s checks because they were an overseas company. Since they could not do this on their own, they needed someone who was a US citizen to do this for them. I also received packages from a delivery company. My package handling instructions were to just re-ship the packages overseas two days after they were in my possession. Everything was going great until my bank called…

The bank I had been using to cash my employer’s checks called me to let me know that the funds were not clearing. As a result, the amount withdrawn from my bank is over $6,000, all of which I am being held responsible for. It also turns out that the packages that were sent to my house was merchandise purchased at an online merchant using a stolen credit card. Since I received the packages and reshipped the merchandise out, the online merchant is now holding me responsible for the value of the merchandise. The total value of the packages turned out to be a little over $3,000, and I have to come up with the money now. Possibly the worst of all damages is that I am also facing criminal charges. I tried contacting my supposed employer to have them pay back the amount I am now being held responsible for. I am not receiving any responses back and none of the contact information on their website works.

Robert H.


Part-time job, full time trouble… was originally published on our website – the good reverse lookup virtuosos


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