There’s been an accident; he’s in a coma…

A friend used my email address, on a personals webpage. I was instant messaged, by this guy back in March of 2005. I told this guy I was not the girl he was trying to contact, but he said that is okay, I think I like you better…
He said he was from Santa Barbara, CA, and works with computers and travels the world. He was in Nigeria doing a big job for a client. Our first conversation, he did say he loved me – I never paid any attention to it. He said he wanted to send me something so I give him my address. While at work one day, I got delivered a dozen assorted roses, Belgium chocolates, and a big teddy bear. I talked to him some more after this and he then he asked for money. I hesitated for a couple of days. I went to get in my vehicle and there was another package – a gift basket. I thought, gosh, he does like me. Well, feeling guilty, I wired him $100.00. He frowned on such a small amount, but that is all I had. As time went on, I wired him I think another $150.00 for a picture he had painted of me and him for our palace. I was starting to get mad because I don’t have that kind of money to be handing out. Well, we talked some more and now he is marrying me and has a ring for me. He had a guy from Canada call and say there was a gift for me from Fred. I asked questions but he wouldn’t answer them and he hung up. I questioned Fred and he said it was my wedding ring.


Then, he wanted me to see how much money he made so he had a client of his send me a check for almost $10,000.00. I right away took it to the state police where he told me it was a scam and to be careful. He didn’t like it that the police had it and said it wasn’t a bad check. After time, he dropped it. Then, he was going to come to Michigan to meet me. I was getting upset with him and all of his excuses for not being able to get back to the states. I told him DO NOT EVER ask me for money again, I am alone and have bills I have to take care of.

Well, as time goes on, he is coming to me, he has emailed me his flight times. But, before he could go, he needed to pay his motel bills. I asked to talk to the accountant at the motel for which he gave me a number. I talked to the guy (which was probably him too). He confirmed he needed $500.00. I gave in again, but only sent $350.00, I told him, I will send the money, but if he says something comes up and can’t make it one more time, I am done with him forever. He says, no, I am coming – he left on a Wednesday to catch his plane. Wednesday night, I get an email from Crowns Hospital in Nigeria. He has been in an accident and is in a coma. The Doctor kept in contact by phone and email. A month goes by and I get instant messaged from Fred, he is out of his coma. Now he can’t leave the hospital until his bill is paid. I said they can’t hold you like that. But he says I don’t understand, he is in a different country. So on June 28, 2005, I received a check for $5,885.00, another fake check.

He thinks I have deposited the check and waiting for it to clear right now. No way will I ever cash it. I know what I am dealing with now. He calls me his wife, tells me he loves me a 100 times in a conversation. I have found his picture on a modeling site, along with three other people using the same picture.

Thankfully, I found a romance scams support site and I have learned a lot from all the people on this site.


Kelly from Michigan

There’s been an accident; he’s in a coma… was originally published on our website – the good reverse lookup virtuosos


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