Keeping Kids Safe on Cell Phones

Every year, more and more kids have cell phones. According to Business Insider, 5% of 6-7 years old have their own phones! As the kids get older, the stats increase: 1/3 of 10-11 year olds have cell phones and most teens have cells too. For parents, cell phones make staying in touch with their kids easier and can increase safety. But, cell phones also represent a danger as kids can be targeted by scammers or predators. That is why it is so important to monitor your kid’s phone use with a reverse mobile number lookup service.

Real Threats on Cell Phones

There are two main threats for kids with cell phones today: “sexting” and scammers. The first refers to the practice of sending lewd SMS messages, often with nude photos attached. There have already been numerous cases of pedophiles pretending to be kids and sexting with minors. Scammers, the second threat, are just as dangerous. They send out bulk SMS messages that offer prizes – your kid just has to respond to the SMS to claim it. Responding often causes mass charges on your phone or can cause a virus to get into your account and access your personal information.

A reverse mobilenumber phone directory lets you type in any number (including landlines) and see who owns that number. With the case of scammers, you probably won’t get any name because they use prepaid cell phones which they dispose right after the scam is up. But seeing that a number has come from a prepaid cell will let you know that scammers are up to something and you can contact your local authorities.

The reverse mobilenumber phone lookup are particularly useful for stopping pedophiles and others who prey on children. If you see that your child has gotten sexual text messages, then you should make sure to sign up to a reverse cell phone directory which also have people search services. You can then find out if the person who sent the message was someone from school or a registered sex offender.

For troubled teens, the reverse cell phone directory can also help you get around lies and deception. Let’s say that your daughter has been forbidden to talk to someone. She then puts that person’s number into her phone under an alias. By entering all the numbers in your daughter’s phone, you can then see who she is really talking to.

Apps for Monitoring Cell Use

A reverse cell phone directory will only work if you have a number to lookup. This can be problematic since kids may just delete their call histories or messages. To make sure you know what your kids are doing on their cell phones, you can upload applications specifically for monitoring their use.

These mobile phone apps will track all activity on the phone and send it to an email account. Once you check the numbers with a reverse cell directory, you will be able to see exactly who your kids have been talking to.

Keeping Kids Safe on Cell Phones was originally published on our website – the good reverse lookup virtuosos

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